Take the No Pucker Challenge

Take the No Pucker Challenge!

The Ara Parseghian Medical Research Fund is partnering with Hope For Marian to help raise funds for Niemann-Pick Type C disease.

This is a simple and fun (and a bit sour) challenge to help raise awareness and 100% of your gift supports NPC research.

How the No Pucker Challenge works:

STEP 1: Eat a lemon! (try not to pucker): Go for the funniest pucker, biggest pucker, craziest pucker, best pet pucker, youngest pucker, most ridiculous pucker, etc. etc. etc. Have fun with it!

STEP 2:  Challenge three family members/friends/colleagues/complete strangers to do the same:  Make sure you video Step 1 and Step 2 and the aftermath (that’s the best part!)

STEP 3: Post your No Pucker Challenge video on social media:  Please include the following hashtags: #nopuckerchallenge #curenpc

Learn more and make your gift at https://www.nopuckerchallenge.org/

Sean Kassen, the director of the APMRF, took the challenge and you can watch him pucker up (as well as who he challenged) and learn about the connection with Hope For Marian.