Something’s Killing Me — NPC Disease Episode

Thank you to CNN for dedicating an entire episode of their series Something’s Killing Me toward investigating and unpacking NPC, telling the story of many NPC families and their fight to find a cure for this devastating disease. It aired on Sunday, August 19 at 8pm on the Headline News Network.

We invite you to watch this impactful episode that highlights the Parseghian family and the great work of so many, which gives us all hope that a cure is just around the corner.


To watch the full episode please go to the Headline News (HLN) On Demand with your cable provider and search Season 2, Episode 5 of Something’s Killing Me titled, “What’s Wrong with the Twins?”

Please note that although the show highlighted some of the families and clinicians involved in helping to find a cure, there has been an army of supporters, researchers, clinicians, and NPC families who have joined in this fight. Each has made a life-changing contribution, and each has our equal and eternal gratitude.

We are also very thankful to the many researchers that have participated in the development of cyclodextrin, and are excited that one day this may be an approved treatment for all NPC patients.